Central Water Analysis Laboratory

  • GC-MS (Thermo Fischer-Scientific-USA)
  • Gas Chromatograph (Varian-CP3800-USA) 
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer with graphite furnace (M-Series, Thermo Fischer-Scientific-USA) 
  • VA Computrace-797 (Metrohm-Switzerland) 
  • Multi parameter Water Quality Analyser Sonde (YSI-6820-USA) 
  • Spectrophotometer, NOVA-60 and 60A (E-Merck-Germany)
  • Ion Meter-3345 (Jenway-UK) 
  • UV Visible Spectrophotometer (Thermo Fischer-Scientific-USA) 
  • Photometer DR/2500 (Hach-USA) 
  • Microprocessor Flame Photometer 
  • Nephlo/ Turbidity Meter
  • Biological Microscope, MAGNUS-MLX, Olympus-USA
  • GPS-iQue/M4, Garmin-USA
  • Kajak Sediment Core Sampler
  • Garmin GPS
  • Bacteriological Analysis Laboratory
  • Mobile Water Analysis Laboratory