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Jayakumar P

Senior Principal Scientist & Head, Environmental Studies Division

Office No 0495-2351881
Mobile 9633734871

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Journal Papers
    • P.Jayakumar( 2009).Environmental Impact Assessment, Holistic Thought, VolVII No.1 An Interdisciplinary Research Journal, SreeNarayana College, Kollam.
    • George Abe, P Jayakumar and E J James(1996) Salinity intrusion into Muvatupuzha estuary (south –west coast of India) during pre-monsoon season. Journal of marine Science, Vol. 25, December 1996, pp 352-354
Conference Proceedings
    • Jayakumar P and Dinil Sony C(2014) Estimation of a safe level of mining of river sand – A case study in Maniyurgramapanchayat. Proc.National Conference on Harmony with Nature in context of Environmental Issues and challenges of the 21st century” Harmony 2014, Udaipur Rajasthan, 28 – 30 Nov. 2014
    • Dinil Sony. C, Jayakumar. P and Joseph N.K(2011) “Sand Mining activities of Kozhikode and adjacent districts of Kerala – An overview” Proceedings of the National Seminar on Mining of River Sand and its Impacts on the Environment, Kozhikode, pp 125 – 139 Feb 2011.
    • Dinilsony c ,jayakumar p and joseph n k(2011).Sand mining in the rivers Of Kozhikode district of Kerala- An overview proc. National seminar on‘Mining of river sand and its impacts on the environment”organized by CWC and CWRDM at Kozhikode during 18-19,2011.
    • Jalaja T K, Lazna V P, Sreevallabhan S, Jayakumar P and Jayakumar K V(2011), Biodiversity of insect fauna in selected ssacred groves of Kozhikode with special reference to soil and water conservation, Proc.3rdInternational Conference on Climate Change, Forest Resource and Environment(ICCFRE-2011), Kerala University, Thiruvananthapuram
    • Jayakumar P, T.K.Jalaja and K.N.Remani(2010)“Rain Water Harvesting – A Cost Effective Technology to Alleviate water Scarcity” Proc.3rd International Conference on Hydrology and Watershed Management, Hyderabad Vol II pp 1263-1268
    • K.N.Remani, T.K.Jalaja and Jayakumar P (2010)“Impact of Coir Retting on the People and Ecosystem in Selected Areas in Kozhikode District of Kerala”Proc.3rd International Conference on Hydrology and Watershed Management,Hyderabad, Vol II pp 839-845
    • P. Jayakumarand K.V. Jayakumar(2009) “Rainwater Harvesting”. National Seminar in connection with the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Kerala Clays and Ceramics Products Ltd, Kannur, October 2009.
    • C.DinilSony,N.K. Joseph,P.Jayakumar and S.P. Rajagopalan(2006) “A monthly water balance model to evaluate the scope for surface water withdrawal from the lower reaches of Kadamprayar watershed” Proc. National Seminar on ‘Water Resources Future Options’,organized by CBIP,NewDelhi,September,2006.
    • Dinil Sony, N K Joseph, P Jayakumar and S P Rajagopalan(2006): A Monthly water balance model to evaluate the scope for surface water withdrawl from the lower reaches of Kadamprayar watershed, Seminar on Water Resources-Future Options, 28-29, September, 2006, Jaipur, pp;20-31.
    • Babu Mathew, P.Jayakumar, George Mammen, Rajagopalan S.P. 2003. ‘An interactive spread sheet to plan and implement ground water recharge measures as an integral part of a rural water supply project in Kerala state’. Paper presented in the 10th National Water Convention held at Bhubaneshwar during 5 - 7 Nov.2003.
    • Dinil Sony C, P Jayakumar and S P Rajagopalan(2003) Estimation of a safe level of mining of river sand- A Case Study in Eramala Gramma Panchayath,,Proc. 13th Swadeshi Science Congress, 6-8, November, 2003, pp:157-161.
    • Jayakumar.P (2003). ‘Non Conventional Sources for Drinking Water in Isolated Settlements’ presented in the National Seminar on Sustainable Habitat held at TKM College of Engineering, Kollam, Aug.2003.
    • Jalaja.T.K, Nirmala.E, Jayakumar.P and Remani.K.N(2000), Implementation of a Mini Water Supply Scheme through peoples participation. National Symposium on Environmental Crisis and Security in the New Millennium ,Organised by School of Ecology , Pondicherry University, Pondicherry and sponsored by ICMR , CSIR and NESA, New Delhi . 14 -16 December 2000.
    • George Abe and P Jayakumar (1998) Changes in salinity level in the Muvattupuzha estuary due to the Muvattupuzha valley irrigation project. Proceedings of the 8th Kerala Science Congress, pp 71-73
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