Photo of Digila Rani M

Digila Rani M

Technical Officer Gr 2, Environmental Studies Division

Office No 0495-2351885
Mobile 9446946235

Educational Profile

  • MSc Microbiology

Career Details

  • 2010- present: Technical Officer, CWRDM

Ongoing Projects


Conference Proceedings
    • Digilarani M,Ranjusha A, Lakshmi Murali, Sreevallabhan Sand Jalaja TK(2014)Efficacy of effective microorganism(EM) in the decomposition of solid kitchen waste. Proc. National Conference on “Empowering Mankind with Microbial Technologies”(AMI-EMMT - 2014), 12-14Nov. 2014, TNAU, Coimbatore.
    • Jalaja T K, KavyaVijayarajRemyasree P R, Digilarani M and Sreevallabhan S(2014), Efficacy of Arthrobacter Sp. and Bacillus sp. Isolated from wetland rhizosphere on Lycopersiconesculentum and Solanummelongena .Proc, International Symposium on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM-2014), CWRDM, Kunnamangalam.
    • Jalaja T. K. and Digilarani M (2014) Mechanism of stress tolerance in selected wetland plants and susceptible plant tomato exposed to salinity and fungal pathogen. Proc.National Conference on Harmony with Nature in context of Environmental Issues and challenges of the 21st century” Harmony 2014, Udaipur Rajasthan, 28 – 30 Nov. 2014
    • Jalaja T.K., Lakshmi Murali, Ranjusha A, Digilarani Mand Sreevallabhan S,(2014)Variations in growth potential of Solanummelongenaexposed to tap water, wastewater and Effective Microorganism treated wastewater – A comparative study. Proc.“National Conference on Empowering Mankind with Microbial Technologies” (AMI-EMMT - 2014), 12-14Nov. 2014, TNAU, Coimbatore.