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P C Rajeev

Technical Officer Gr 2, Surface Water Division

Office No 0495-3251820
Mobile 9777395689

Educational Profile

  • Diploma in Civil Engg

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Conference Proceedings
    • Abdulla P K, Dinil Sony C, Chandran Kolappadan, Rajeev P C and Anil M T (2014), Impact of Manual Dredging of a Minor Port at Ponnani, in Kerala, Proceedings of the International Symposium on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM 2014), February 19-21, 2014 Allied Publishers (ISBN 978-81-8424-907-1) Vol.I pp 500-508
    • Abdulla P K, Dinesan V P, Susanth C M, Chandran Kolappadan and Rajeev P C (2011), Tidal Effect on Water Table – a Case Study on the Thuruthu in Kochi Backwater, Proceedings of National Conference on Hydraulics and Water Resources (HYDRO) at Surat, 29-30 December 2011, pp 1201-1207 on CD.
    • K B Bindu, P C Rajeev and A B Anitha(2010)’Quantitative geomorphology of the Chaliyar river basin on the Malabar coast using geographical information system’ ProcNational Conference on Hydraulics, Water Resources and Environment HYDRO-2010 SVNIT, Surat, Gujarat, December 29-30, 2010
    • A B Anitha, P C Rajeev, K M Annamma& N K Joseph (2008). Hydrogeomoprhological studies of Kuppam river basin in Kerala’, Proc National Conference on Hydraulics, Water Resources and Environment HYDRO-2008 MNIT, Jaipur, December 15-16, 2008