Photo of Sudheesh M

Sudheesh M

Technical Officer Gr 2, Isotope Hydrology Division

Office No 0495-2351862
Mobile 9946911943

Educational Profile

  • MSc Chemistry

Career Details

  • 2010- present: Technical Officer, CWRDM


Journal Papers
    • Shahul Hameed, A., Resmi T R., Suraj, S., Unnikrishnan Warrier, C., Sudheesh, M., Deshpande, R.D., 2015. Isotopic characterization and mass balance reveals groundwater recharge pattern in Chaliyar River basin, Kerala, India. Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies, Volume 4, pp. 48–58.
    • Unnikrishnan Warrier, C., Praveen Babu, M., Sudheesh, M. and Deshpande, R.D., 2015., Studies on Stable Isotopic Composition of Daily Rainfall from Kozhikode, Kerala, India’, DOI: 10.1080/10256016.2016.1103238
Conference Proceedings
    • Shahul Hameed A, Resmi T R, Deshpande R D, Praveen Babu M and Sudheesh M. 2014. Spatio-Temporal Variation of Stable Isotopes in Precipitation and Ground Level Vapour in Kerala. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM–2014) February 19–21, 2014, CWRDM, Kozhikode, Kerala, India. pp. 26-36.
    • Resmi T. R., Sudheesh M., Vimala T. and Shahul Hameed, A., 2013. Quality evaluation of coastal shallow aquifers using chemical and isotope systematics. Proceedings of the International Conference on Integrated Water, Waste water & Isotope Hydrology ICE-WWISH -2013, July 25-27, 2013, Bangalore University, Bangalore, pp.21-29.
    • Suvarnakumari N, Sudheesh M and Ansar S.(2011).Water quality assessment of integrated Mangrove aquaculture farming system in selected ponds of Munroethuruthu Panchyath,Kollam,Kerala.3rdInternational Geography Congress,CWRDM,Kozhikode,May 06-08 ,2011 Abstract Volume pp 121-122