Training Education & Extension


The Division caters to the training education and extension needs in all spheres of water resources development and management. Activities include training, action research, adaptive trials, frontline demonstrations, research and consultancy projects, seminars, workshops/awareness programmes etc.  


TEED shall serve as arm of CWRDM catering to the Training Education and Extension  needs in all spheres of water resources management and act as a facilitator coordinating the various activities/programmes in this sector.


Mission of TEED is to enhance the knowledge and skills of different target groups of people/ water managers and equip them in scientific water management by imparting necessary education and extension inputs and make them aware of the importance of water as a natural resource.

Thrust Areas

  • Training programmes in water resources management
  • Education, Extension and Outreach programmes
  • Farmer participatory Action research/Adaptive research
  • Evaluation of Irrigation /watershed projects

Major Activities

Training is one of the major thrust areas of TEED. The Division  has been active in  communicating information and ideas on scientific water resources development and management aspects to different target groups through training, demonstrations and other technology transfer methods. Training is imparted for the officers of stakeholder departments and farmer leaders on relevant identified topics. In 1988, the Water and Land Management Institute (WALMI) of Kerala started functioning in CWRDM with the funding from USAID. Training activities of the Centre were strengthened under the Irrigation Management Training Project (IMTP) of USAID. Further, in the same project, CWRDM imparted the National Level Training Course on ‘Drip & Sprinkler Irrigation System Design & Layout’, a training course transferred from the UTAH State University of the United States. IMTP was later renamed as Water resources Management and Training Project (WRMTP).Every year about 25 to 30 courses are conducted under WRMTP on diverse water related topics.Other than WRMTP, we conduct sponsored training also (training component of the National Water Management Project (NWMP), training programmes under the European Economic Community (EEC) funded ‘Kerala Minor Irrigation Project’, training for Engineers from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu Officers and farmers from Haryana, State Government sponsored programmes etc. Tailor-made programmes are offered based on specific needs of the sponsoring agencies. Such training programs are conducted for clientele both from within and outside the State.About 500 training programmes had already been conducted for the service departments of the State and more than 10,000 officials and equal number of farmers  were trained. 

Training Courses Offered

  • WRMTP Training on Irrigation Management in Precision farming
  • WRMTP Training on Management of Organizational Change
  • WRMTP Training on Management Skills for Officers in the Government Departments
  • WRMTP - Sensitization Workshop on Integrated Water Resources Management
  • WRMTP Training –One month induction course on Irrigation Water Management for the newly recruited Asst   Engineers of Irrigation Dept.
  • WRMTP training on Integrated watershed management-Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Sponsored ‘Training Cum Study Tour on Irrigation Water Management’ for the  Asst. Exe. Engineers/ Asst       Engineers of Agriculture Engineering Department, Tamil Nadu.
  • National level training course on ‘Irrigation Water Management’ for Water User Associations under the sponsorship of National Water Mission, MoWR.
  • National level ‘Learning Exchange and Youth Leadership workshop for Eco & Wash Futures’ sponsored by     National Council for Science and Technology Communication, Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi
  • Regional Workshop on ‘Water Security through Public Participation’.
  • Technical Advisory Committee meeting of WRMTP at CWRDM.

Reprographic Section

Reprographic  section is a centralized facility catering to the printing and binding works of the reports and publications of  all the Divisions and units of CWRDM. Spiral Binding  and Book Binding are the services offered.

Lecture Halls

Two 40 seater A/C lecture halls with wifi and audio visual aids

Journal Papers
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Conference Proceedings
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